To provide customers with trust and loyalty. (Not to mention lifelong client retention). They have to be involved and aware from start to finish.
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Is important Service is a valuable and central to the organization.
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Create a strong and consistent group. A strong and consistent team can be successful.
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Innovation has become more and more important as the link between entrepreneurs and consumers is increasingly connected. Digital is accelerating and expanding rapidly.
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how does it work

3 steps
To develop / expand a business.

Create / Demand Analysis
Demand analysis is the starting point for all training. The main purpose of training is to improve the performance of individuals and organizations. Considering the need for training, an organization can decide what knowledge, skills and attitudes are needed to improve the performance of personnel in line with the standards or goals of the organization.
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Development of training programs and manuals.
Training schedule and description, standards and current working procedures. The details of the work should be clear and concise and may serve as a training tool.
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Send training program
Training and teaching program delivery Determine the trainers and training techniques. Before presenting the training, make sure that the concerned parties have a thorough understanding of what that knowledge is about.
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Our tribal values which are spelt out in the 4Rs have effectively served as practical guideposts for us to grow and thrive.


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happy clients
working employments
awards won
working hours
road to glory

Our Team

Asst.Prof.Dr. RAdm. Wiroj Pimanmassuriya
Honorary Counsel
Mr. John Life Lee
Director of Futurasia Singapore
Dr. James Limrapeepong
Director of Stark Training Thailand
Mr.Calvin Tan
Honorary Counsel
Mr. Venudasanasary Kunjanasary
Honorary Counsel

How we work

We create easy tools.
To expand or improve the business / organization / personnel.

Effective use.
Our program helps you discover your TOP FIVE STRENGTHS. Access your potential assessment – strategic thinking, empowerment, relationship building. And success

You will move from perception to perception. And use your talents in your workplace as a team member or leader.

  • Through Your Understanding
  • Your strengths
  • It can improve your performance and tasks.
  • Become a champion in your organization’s marketplace.

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Frequently Asking Question

What training programs are available for the Starks Training & Future Asia?
Part of the course we teach / train, such as work skills, leadership and organizational management, business administration and financial management, excellent service skills, communication and computer skills, fundamental improvements. English communication We also offer courses that are specific to the organization. To suit each and every one of the goals set by the organization.
Training courses are standardized and can be applied to virtually any?
The course is from the Institute. Singapore It is world-renowned for its education and human development at the top of the world. Which has experience in training for organizations in the public and private sector organizations thousands. Ensures that the courses we teach courses that are recognized and has more than 10 years.
We have many employees. How do you train?
If it is a personal development course, such as leadership or leadership It can be trained together. However, if the knowledge is specific to each department, it is recommended to split the training separately.
What language is used in training?
We use English as our primary language. The translator is from Singapore. And there are some qualified (Thai) in some courses.
When the course is completed, will there be a certificate? And what are the advantages?
We will have certificates for all our training courses. There are two institutes, Starcourt Training and Future Asia, where you will be certified for intensive training and testing. This will be an important part of ensuring the knowledge and ability.
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